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Scratch art makes you become a true artist no matter you are 5 ages or 50 ages

Scratch art makes you become a true artist no matter you are 5 ages or 50 ages

  • 2020-08-24

The scratch art comes covered with a fine black film, and usually with a gray outline of the picture. You then use the included wood stylus (pen) to scratch away at the gray lines revealing the bright colorful masterpiece underneath. Feiyue Paper Products also can silk screen printing the colorful top outlines for patterns, like green , yellow, pink, red or blue colors so your scratch art cards would look very unique. For the black coating layer, we can change to print gold, silver, or any other pantone colors which can have a strong color contrast to the top pattern lines. Both adults and children will be amazed when they use the special brush to paint water over the illustrations and a rainbow of colors is magically revealed.

Feiyue Paper Products

Q: What size of your scratch art cards?

A: Any customized size, popular size is mini 8.9x8.9cm, A6, A5, A4.

Q: What kind of packing of these scratch art cards?

A: There are many kind of packing. For simple and low cost kits, you can pack 2 sheets, 5 sheets or 10sheets into a simple OPP bag, with a stylus as a kit. Also you can pack them in a paper envelop or a paper box. Still some customers would bind the sheets into a book style, see below photos.

Feiyue Paper ProductsFeiyue Paper Products

Q: Can I only have a black coating as scratch layer?

A: No, we can print black , silver, grey, gold, blue,green and any other pantone colors as scratching off layer.

Q: Can I pre-printed some design patterns on the top layer as a guide to scratch?

A: Yes, we can pre-printed design patterns so the kids only have to scratch the sheets based on these patterns lines to get a standard pattern.

Also Feiyue Paper Products can make these scratch art cards in bookmark, face mask, glass, magnetic accessories, bracelet and other unique shapes. They are more and more popular for many countries, not only for a toy and gift, but a kind of educational tools.

Just take your time and you would gradually become a good scratch artist !

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