Christmas Pattern Printed Gift Wrapping Paper

Christmas Pattern Printed Gift Wrapping Paper

This wrapping paper is perfect for Christmas. It Can be used for wrapping Christmas gifts and flowers.


Wrapping paper is a kind of high-grade cultural industrial paper that is very difficult to produce. Its technical characteristics are: high physical strength, excellent uniformity and transparency, and good surface properties. It is delicate, smooth, smooth,and free of bubbles.

Delicate white paper with a semi-translucent quality becomes something special when printed with your design. Tissue paper is the final layer between your client and your product, and sets the expectations high for what will be revealed underneath.

We offer gorgeous premium colours for your design such as Metallic Gold and Silver to give a regal feel or plain – custom printed tissue paper is one of the most delicate and detailed options you can find.

This wrapping paper is lovely with a Christmas style printed, ideal for gift giving. It can also be used for bouquet wrapping decoration.

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