Bubble Mailer With Self Adhesive Seal Zipper

Bubble Mailer With Self Adhesive Seal Zipper

This mailer bags with bubble padded and self adhesive seal can be used for shipping or packaging items, which can protect the inside packed items well.


Mailer bags have become widely popular in the office supplies department. These bubble mailers have made packaging and shipping extremely easy and convenient. With an extra protective layer that secures valuable items from damage, mailers have truly made packaging very easy.

Scan through our vast selection: Mailers come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. It is best to figure out your precise packaging needs beforehand. For many different kinds of products, you can find a suitable mailer.

Bubble mailers are made from a a variety of materials. Materials such as Kraft paper, polyethylene, Mylar, and cardboard are used to make bubble mailers. One can choose the kind that suits their requirements. However, mailers made out of poly material is perfect for almost everything. Since, poly bubble mailers are great at resisting moisture, extremely flexible and prevent many types of contamination, it has become very popular. Also, poly bubble mailers come with a tight seal.

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