Design Skills of Text and Graphics in Packaging

Design Skills of Text and Graphics in Packaging

Packaging design of paper boxes, paper bags and other paper prodcucts is an important part of product marketing, and the quality of packaging plays a very important role in product sales. It is not enough that the packaging of products is just beautiful. It is important to introduce the characteristics of products through visual language, establish and stabilize the market position of products, attract consumers’ desire to buy, so as to achieve the effect of improving sales.

1. Text Design

Packaging is the most direct way of promotion in commodity marketing and the text in packaging is an important way and means to convey commodity information to consumers. Whether the use of text on the packaging is appropriate, it also becomes an important condition for the packaging to complete the task of promotion. The text itself has evolved over a long period of time, and has a beauty of image and art. If the packaging designer can make good use of words, with the arrangement and variation of the words and the flexible use of fonts, it can form an excellent design. Since text is an indispensable component of every piece of packaging, packaging designers must realize that to do a good job in packaging, they must first master the expression of text.

Text can highlight the brand image. With the brand image as the main modeling element, through the arrangement of text contrast, the commodity packaging image is more concise and has a strong visual impact, so that the brand image has a strong visual effect to achieve the best publicity efforts.

At the same time, the text can also reflect the characteristics and taste of goods. Commodities have different grades and uses, and the same is true in the design and application of fonts. The packaging design of many high-grade cosmetics takes the font image of the brand as the main visual expression element. At this time, the grade and design characteristics of the fonts represent the characteristics of the commodities themselves.

2. Graphic Design

Most of the graphics in packaging design are in the form of photography, painting, abstraction and decoration.

● The use of photography form

Photography is a very effective means to pursue intuitive effects. It is a method of getting twice the result with half the effort. Photography works can arouse people’s intuition and association. From the actual effect, the expression technique of color photography is real, credible and infectious.

● The use of painting form

The advantages of the form of painting can’t be replaced by photography. Painting can not only pursue realistic effects, but also be more flexible than photography. Many high-end food packaging abandoned photography for the form of painting.

● The use of abstract form

The use of a variety of points, lines, surfaces composed of graphics and color of the abstract form of packaging design, is also a common design techniques used by designers. Influenced by abstract painting, the packaging picture designed with abstract form should show the characteristics of commodities and coincide with the characteristics of commodities, highlighting the artistic interest.

● The use of decorative forms

The use of decorative forms of packaging design through exaggeration, generalization, refining means to enhance the beauty of the work, through deformation, discoloration to obtain a vivid, characteristic typical image, it makes the packaging design with simple and vivid characteristics. Deep feeling is one of the characteristics of art. Decorative art should be poured into the feelings of the designer, ideal, so that the design is more artistic conception, idealization, more suitable for the characteristics of the packaging. Decorative image of the pursuit of attractive beauty, for the product packaging added incomparable charm.