Features of Paper Packaging

Features of Paper Packaging

Compared with other materials, paper has the advantages of low cost, simple production process, variety of shapes, green and environmental protection, etc. The advantages of paper packaging are reflected in various aspects of production, storage, transportation, promotion, sales, use, recycling and disposal.

Low cost of paper materials

The cost of paper materials compared with metal, plastic, glass, ceramic natural fiber packaging materials, still has a significant price advantage. As paper packaging can be mass production, high degree of automation, so its production efficiency is much higher than other materials packaging containers.

Lightweight and easy to transport

Paper packaging quality is light, good physical properties, transport some paper packaging can also be folded into a flat form, both to save space and reduce the weight, these characteristics are clearly better than other packaging materials made of containers.

Plasticity of the shape

Paper packaging has very good plasticity, can be combined with different forms of goods, design a variety of applicable box type, bag type, and even require completely sealed, sanitary, non-toxic liquid containers can be easily achieved, so the service range of products is large.

Security of paper packaging

From the perspective of food safety, paper packaging can make the packaged products completely airtight, isolated from external pollution, freshness, light, leakage prevention, etc.. From the perspective of transportation safety, the carton has good buffering, can protect the contents from external impact, but also has a good sealing.

Excellent printing effect

The surface of paper material can absorb ink and paint very well, and the text pattern and color can be clearly presented. In addition, the paper material is less stretchable, not affected by heat and light, and has better stability.

Environmentally friendly

Paper packaging is made of decomposable natural materials, such as commonly used kraft paper bags, corrugated cardboard boxes these materials are easily decomposed into the soil, therefore, in terms of effective use of resources, paper has obvious advantages over other materials. The use of paper packaging not only enables the effective use of resources, but also protects the environment.