The Different Functions of Paper Packaging

The Different Functions of Paper Packaging

The function of packaging can be understood in two ways: one is to allow the product to be delivered safely and intact to the consumer; the other is to communicate the content and nature of the product to promote sales. The analysis of packaging functionalization can also start from these two perspectives, therefore, all packaging functions are generated by following these attributes.

Protective Function

From the manufacturer to the consumer, the product will go through loading and unloading, storage, distribution and other links, and may be subject to various external damage, such as moisture caused by climate change, high and low temperature differences, or transportation in transit caused by the impact, vibration, etc., in order to resist the damage of these external forces, so that the contents of the product from damage, to prevent quality degradation, must be properly packaged. For example, high strength corrugated box can protect the packed goods from damage.

Transportable Function

Packaging can rationalize the allocation of internal space to store more items, reduce the stress in transit, and also protect the products transported internally to reduce losses. It can greatly contribute to the rationalization of costs and the effectiveness of the whole operation process.

Information Communication Function

There are various products in the market and if a businessman wants to make it sell well, he has to put effort on the packaging. The consumer must be made aware of what the product being packaged is, otherwise there is no way to choose. This can be assisted by displaying various information on the packaging such as symbols, logos, brands, specifications, descriptions and text. For example, fruit boxes will be printed with various brightly colored fruit patterns; pizza boxes will be printed with pizza patterns on the outside. These packages can well convey the information of the products to the guests and highlight the characteristics of the products.

Aesthetic Function

Beauty is the trend of human nature, in the face of the same quality, the same sales price of goods, most people will naturally choose to buy the goods with beautiful packaging. Aesthetics is closely linked to the product, a first-class product must have a first-class packaging; likewise, it is to some extent a guarantee of product quality, the confirmation and improvement of reputation. Personalized packaging design can always arouse consumers’ desire to buy.

Convenient Function

Convenience is another important function of packaging. This convenience includes several aspects, one is the convenience of the processing of the packaging itself, easy to produce, spill, reuse, etc., such as folding boxes and kraft paper bags; second is the convenience of inventory and transportation, easy to identify, handling mobile, space-saving; third is the use of reasonable convenience, easy to identify before buying, easy to carry, open, use, storage, reuse, etc., such as mailer box with tear-off strips. The convenience function of packaging is an important factor for product promotion, stimulating consumers’ willingness to buy and increasing the value of goods.