Different Structural Designs of Paper Boxes

Different Structural Designs of Paper Boxes

  1. Reverse Tuck Box

The packaging structure of this box type is simple to form and is the more commonly used box bottom structure. The upper and lower lugs, the upper part is the same as the bottom, mostly open to the same side, also can open the same side, which is convenient packaging and widely used in daily life, and it is suitable for lighter weight goods.

  1. Buckle Bottom Box

The buckle bottom structure can package many types of goods, and the box can bear a certain weight, so it is widely used in large and medium-sized paper boxes. The auto-lock bottom box type is improved on the basis of the buckle bottom box type. The main feature of the structure is that it can be folded into a flat plate for transportation after forming, and after reaching the automatic carton packaging line, the bottom of the box will automatically return to the original sealing state as long as the box body is propped up by the box-opening mechanism; the process and time required for manual assembly of the lock bottom structure is saved.

  1. Book Shape Box

The packaging style is like a book, the box opens from one side. Shaped box consists of panel and bottom box, according to the custom size and function of the packaging box to take the material, some book-shaped boxes need magnets, iron sheet and other materials. It is mainly used for the packaging of high-grade gifts, wine and other valuable commodities.

  1. Tuck Top Box

The folding box consists of a base and a lid, and the two are integrated. For example, the airplane box, named because its unfolded shape resembles an airplane, is a kind of tuck top box. The biggest advantage of the airplane box is that it does not need adhesive, but uses the box structure itself to increase the cutout for tethering and locking to make the box form and seal, which can greatly save labor cost. The mailer box is easy to fold and has good resistance to compression, and most of the courier boxes we usually receive are corrugated mailer boxes.

  1. Portable Paper Box

The bottom is locked to increase the load capacity, and the upper handheld design is convenient for disassembly and assembly, with corrugated paper laminated, which is the most commonly used box type in the gift box category. It must be simple and portable. The design of the carrying handle should ensure sufficient strength, safety and reliability.

  1. Top Bottom Box

Divided into the lid and base box, the two separated, more paper cost slightly higher, but good texture, but also can be operated double thickness to increase the sturdiness, suitable for boutique gift boxes, such as clothing, jewelry or food gift boxes, etc., can enhance the product image.

  1. Drawer Type Box

The lid of the drawer type box is formed in the tube type, while the body of the box is formed in the disc type. The lid and body of the box are two independent structures, shaped like drawers, which are easy to pull out and push close. This type of box is very suitable for gift packaging, tea packaging, jewelry packaging, watch packaging and electronic product packaging.

  1. Windowed Type Box

The box is partly made of transparent material, which allows the product or part of the product to be truly presented. The open window box can see the form and color of the goods without opening the package, fully displaying part or all of the contents. Its characteristics are intuitive and concise, attracting consumers’ attention, enhancing their confidence in buying, which playing the role of displaying goods, promoting goods and self-promoting goods, thus having a promotional function.