Lid and Base Rigid Paper Box

Lid and Base Rigid Paper Box

Lid and Base style rigid paper box, set-up boxes, good protection hard luxury paper boxes.


Lid and Base Rigid Paper Box are good for packages for shoes, garment, card board game sets, toys and food. The lid and base are usually made from hard greyabord so they can protect the inside products very well. The boxes could be in any size, but the height of box is better to be more than 3.0cm.

The outside of lid and base would be printed and laminated, also you can choose to use gold foil stamping, silver foil stamping, UV Spot, Embossing or Debossing etc. to enhance your Logo or brand name. The inside of box could be blank white, also could be printed in your company colors.

The only disadvantage of this kind of box is that the box is set-up here at our factory, so the boxes can come to a big valume after packing. It means that the shipping cost and storage are very high. That is why this kind of box has been replaced by our Foldable Rigid Paper Box, especially for international markets. However the boxes are workable if you have your products produced and packed here in China , before shipping. We can help to pack your items in and then ship the items with great protection by our lid and base rigid paper boxes.

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