Shoes Packaging Black Gift Paper Bag

Shoes Packaging Black Gift Paper Bag

This gift paper bag is ideal for shoes packaging, we support custom logo, size, and color printing design.


Paper Bag is a type of contemporary bag that is booming. Not a type of fashion bag, but a versatile bag replacement from a plastic bag. Many models are accompanied by varied colors. In general, the function of Paper Bag is the same as the function of a plastic bag.

Paper Bag is a simple bag made from paper. The paper used can be thick paper, namely hard cover paper, manila paper, rainbow paper, calendar paper, paperboard and other types of paper. The important thing is the paper is thick and not easily torn. For this reason the function of Paper Bag is much loved. It is simple and modern when taken rather than using a plastic bag.

The appearance of the Paper Bag clearly provides a practical function that is inevitable. We become easier to carry luggage, without fear of damage or fear of breaking down. Stronger and a lot more in size.

For Paper Bag, a small form is usually used for small items, namely packages of cosmetics, accessories, snacks, and / or for souvenirs for weddings. Whereas for large-sized Paper Bag used to carry books, paper, cloth, food and others. Certainly the weight of the goods carried is not large. Besides that Paper Bag is also often used to carry food. More practical and avoid the dangers of ingredients contained in plastic bags that we have been using.

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